Payment & Service terms:

  1. BTH stands for Ben The Handyman.

  2. BTH will provide a professional, friendly and value for money handyman service at all times.

  3. BTH will discuss all work in advance prior to carrying out said work.

  4. BTH will endeavour to build and/or install customer supplied items as per the manufacturers instructions. 

  5. BTH will not be responsible for any damage to customer supplied items. 

  6. BTH will not be responsible for any injury or financial loss occurring from any customer supplied item.

  7. Whilst BTH will make every endeavour to complete all the work to the highest standard it cannot guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

  8. Payment is due immediately via EFT, cheque, credit card or cash on the day, unless otherwise agreed.

  9. Payment via cheque is accepted but attracts a 5% surcharge at the discretion of BTH.

  10. Invoices are payable within 24 hours of receipt.

  11. Credit card payment is accepted via an online payment system ONLY and attracts a 1.6% fee of the total amount.

  12. BTH reserve the right to charge interest at 30% per month for late or non payment of an invoice.

  13. Any disputes relating to payment of a BTH invoice may result in a small claims court action.

  14. Payment is based on an hourly rate, unless otherwise agreed upfront via a signed quotation.

  15. BTH charge vat at the applicable government rate on top of its hourly rate.

  16. BTH accepts no responsibility for any loss of revenue caused by any work it may have completed.

  17. All works are to be agreed upfront prior to completion and are therefore not the responsibility of BTH.

  18. BTH reserve the right to charge a minimum call out if a job is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance (1 working day i.e. work booked for Monday 9:30am can be cancelled no later than the prior Friday at 9:30am).

  19. BTH reserve the right to cancel a job at no notice depending on BTH's circumstances at no cost to BTH.

  20. And please don't call me out to tell you how to do a job and quote and then suddenly decide to do it yourself. I will charge you £40 for this service.

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